Thursday, April 30, 2009

Last Pre-Season Game

Last night we had our final pre-season game. We started off strong with a score of 4-3 after the first inning. We let the other team catch up and even pass us in the next few innings resulting in being down 12-6 in the 6th inning. Just when we thought it was over, our team had last bats and they all brought out their "Big Sticks" in which we scored 8 runs, Taylor hit a double with bases loaded, stole third and scored the tying run. All of this with only had 1 out, a couple of boys got walked and another teammate hit them in for the victory. They called the game after the last 2 runs since it was then 8:30 p.m. We ended preseason with a 2-5 record. Our coach decided to make the boys' victory a little sweeter and rewarded their comeback with donuts. How much sweeter can a victory be?

Here's to Saturday's Game-the boys are really pumped up :-)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Math Exam

I Passed, I Passed! I should have posted this a while ago, but this time of year is always super busy for me. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has helped and encouraged me so far with my schooling, you don't know how much it helps! Thanks Again :-)

Rocky Start

Here's Taylor with his first double of the season. He says it felt good and is ready to hit another one.

With only 1 game left in Pre-Season, our team is struggling a little with a record of 1-6. Seems if we bring our sticks, we forget the D and the opposite when we have great D we can't seem to get many hits.

We play again Wednesday and are hoping to start a winning streak. Opening Day is on Saturday. It should be a fun day starting with breakfast in the park, pictures, activities and our game at 2:30. I'll let you all know how it goes.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Taylor's Boat

Here's Taylor driving his remote control boat on the Green River

Weekend Trip

Last weekend we took a trip with my family, down to Southern Utah, we went through Moab where we stopped at the Hole in the Rock to stretch and look around, the kids enjoyed all the neat stuff there. Then it was on to Monticello and Blanding where we stayed the night Friday. Saturday morning we headed to Lake Powell. There is some amazing scenery out there, I snapped a ton of pics some while stopped and some while driving. As we were driving by, we decided to stop at the Natural Bridges National Monument, here we saw 3 huge rock bridges along with some Indian ruins. Then it was on to the much anticipated Hite, Lake Powell for a little fishing. When we got there, the water level was very low, couldn't do any fishing or much else for that matter, so we decided to head out, next we stopped at a little place called Hog Springs for a picnic lunch. We talked about stopping at Goblin Valley, but decided to plan that another day and headed to Green River where we checked out the Crystal Geyser, which had just finished going off, so we played in the water, took some more pics, and some of the guys threw in a line, they didn't catch anything, but had fun anyway. Taylor got to try out his remote control boat in the river and the other kids got to play in the sand. I think everyone had a good time and is looking forward to planning another trip maybe this fall :-)

I hope you enjoy the pics.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Math Test

The day has finally arrived for me to take my math test. I am really hoping that my tired brain will come through for me today. I should know the results in the next couple of days, I'll let you know how it turns out.

Pre-Season 0-1

So it begins, last night Taylor had his first pre-season game as a Diamondback. The weather was just horrible, we had wind, rain, and snow. Taylor played left field and catcher where he was able to throw out another player attempting to steal home. We lost with a score of 11-9 it was a good game considering the weather. Next week we have 3 games coming up. I'll keep you posted on our record as the season goes on and I'll get some pics next week if the weather is better :-)

Monday, April 13, 2009

In My Easter Basket....

Some of the loot they found waiting when they returned.

Schydi and Leyton were pretty excited to go egg hunting when we got home form the desert.

Filling his basket

Eggs all over the lawn!

Desert Safari.....The End

Here's just some of the rock's where we had our picnic, we hiked over to where it looked like a cave, but it wasn't one, it was just the rocks.
Schdyi tried to catch this lizard too, but since it had no tail, she couldn't grab it :-)

Where else can you stand in the middle of the desert and see snow-capped mountains in the distance?

Some desert flowers just starting to bloom.

Desert Safari Cont....again

Here's how Taylor flies a kite, he's looking very relaxed
All 4 kids got their kites up and flying, lots of fun.

Here's Leyton and Shrampa...flying Leyton's kite.

Dave and Schydi with a little snag, got it fixed and flying again in no time,

Desert Safari Cont....

Here this lizard posed for a pic, Schydi tried to catch one, but wasn't quite fast enough. This rock reminded be of an Indian grind stone the way it was sitting with the smaller ones on it.

The rocks out here are just amazing, different everywhere you look. This one I thought looked like a bench, DaNell thought it looked like a coffin or Snow White's bed.
Schydi and Leyton Loved the sand, they were wishing we had a ton of it for their sand box at home.

Desert Safari Part 1

This is one of our favorite places on the desert, we found while Geocaching a couple years ago, the road is a little rough to get out there, but it is so worth it. We went out to it on Saturday with some of our other family members, we had a lot of fun, I only wish we would have had better weather and more time to explore with them :-) We were also able to find a couple more geocaches on our way. A big thanks to our great family for braving the elements, the back of the truck, (and Dave's driving ;-) ) to go with us!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter!

Singing Pics

Taylor's just happy to be here,
I think I saw his mouth move once :-D

Schydi's not looking to happy, she couldn't see where we were standing with the lights shining in her face.

Spring Sing 2

Here's Taylor at the Spring Music Program, as you can tell singing isn't his favorite subject ;-)

Spring Sing

Here's Schydi at the Spring Music Program, you can barely see her and she was on the top row :-)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Prairie Dog Park

Some are hard to see, it really is something if you can see it in person they are everywhere.

Behind our house is a couple of softball fields, in the years past the girls teams used them to play games on, but the last few years no one has used them and they have become inhabited by some other's. I'd dare say that there's at least 250 or more prairie dogs that live here. We stopped the other day and took some pics.

Birthday Bliss

On Saturday April 4, we had a birthday party for 4 boys who all have April birthdays. Taylor, Leyton, and my sister's twins Zaric and Zaden who were turning 1. We braved the rain/snow/hail mix and bar-b-qued hamburgers and hot dogs. All of the kids had fun and all got just a little bit spoiled. We had fun visiting and watching the kids.
A big Thanks to Becca and boys for partying with us.
Here's a few pics from the festivities.
Here's one of Schydi, Leyton, and Caleb playing with Leyton's Garbage Truck.
Here's Taylor and his friend Bodie trying to figure out a maze which held wii points inside.

Taylor making a wish ;-)

Here's Leyton's favorite present of the day, his motorcycle bike. Thanks Grandpa Ringo!

Here's the cake that Leyton picked out for the party.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring....Where are you?

We woke up this morning to a skiff of snow :-( I was not too happy to see the snow. I am sick of being cold, sick of the wind, and sick of winter. Hasn't it been more than 6 weeks since that pesky groundhog saw his shadow? I guess Mother Nature pulled a good April Fool's Joke's to warmer weather and soon!


Whoo-Hoo I am happy to report the I finally passed off my triangle assignments! All that I have left for this course and this term is to take the final test. That will be coming in a couple weeks. Stay tuned for the final result :-)