Monday, January 31, 2011

New Year

Well the New Year started off busy and hasn't slowed down yet. DaNell competed in the Science Fair and her project won 1st Place in the Behavioral and Social Science (Senior Division) Category, she gets to go to Cedar City in March to compete in the Regional Fair. She is now preparing for the History Fair in February. She is also giving a speech for FBLA in February and she tried out for and made the Quiz Bowl Team, the practices begin this week then onto competitions. Good Luck DaNell!
Taylor is doing well too, broken arm is healed and he is getting anxious for Baseball season to start. This year he moves up to Babe Ruth, No more Little League for him :( But I think he is ready to move on to bigger and better.
Schydi is doing really well, she has passed off all of her multiplication times tests 1-9 an mixed problems and is now working on division. She has learned this year to be a little quieter and not talk to much. She is looking forward to Valentines Day and the party in her classroom.
Leyton is doing good, we are working on his reading and letter/sound recognition. He went for the fist 4 months of school not really talking much, to now getting into a little trouble for talking too much.....:-) His teacher is so happy he is finally talking. Stay Tune for a couple surprises coming up, Schydi made me promise not to tell just yet. She wants to have pics to show everyone!