Saturday, March 28, 2009

This week's Projects part 1

This week I used up all my spare time sewing. Here's some baby blankets I made for my cousin's baby shower this weekend.
This one is Leytons jacket, his brother is having no trouble convincing him to be a San Diego Chargers fan.

Here's the jacket I made for Dave, the New England Patriot Fan

and here's Leyton again with a Chargers hat and pants on, these have now become his favorite clothes to wear, he has worn them at one point almost every day this week :-)
(I have a couple other things I made, but have to wait until they wake up to get pics. More to come.)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Taylor DARE

Last night Taylor graduated from the DARE program. Last year it was only done in 6th grade, but this year they did both grades so it made for a much longer program. I forgot the camera so I didn't get any pics of the event. Here is one of his certificate he received. He really enjoyed asking the officer questions like, "Have you ever tasered anyone?" and "What's your favorite football team?" He even volunteered to be tasered during one class.....can you say crazy?

Monday, March 23, 2009

DaNell S-O-T-M

DaNell was chosen for Student of the Month at Mont Harmon Jr. High. She didn't know about it and was a little confused as to why we were at her assembly in which a Native American was showing them some dances. She couldn't figure out why we would want to watch that until after he was done and they started announcing the students of the month. Then she realized that she must have been picked. Great Job DaNell...We are very proud of you!

Monkey See-Monkey Do!

Here's Taylor jumping his bike on his sweet jump he made, and here's Leyton following in his brothers foot steps.


This is DaNell's Hip-Hop routine, they danced to "The Way I Are" by Timbaland.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Show

DaNell had a performance at Carbon High March, 19, 2009. Here they performed their hip-hop routine. This pic is before they danced.
Here's DaNell and Maygun after the show, happy to be going home.

Here they are getting ready to start. Can you guess which one is DaNell.
I have a video, if I can get it to load, I will be posting it shortly.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Calling all Mathamaticians!

I am in need of a mathematician who can work miracles! The math class I am in now is taking it's toll on me, I can't seem to figure out triangle proofs. Anyone interested in this job, please, please don't hesitate to call, e-mail, anything I am about to go crazy :-D

Project Completed

I am happy to report that I was able to finish the yearbook pages and get them all submitted on the deadline no less, but they are submitted! Here's to wondering what my next project will be....cheers!

St. Patrick's Day Parade

Here's just a quick pick of one of the floats in the St. Patrick's Day Parade. Leyton and Schydi had a ball chasing after the candy being thrown, DaNell helped them, while Taylor and his friend watched the pretty girls go by. They said the highest rating they gave out was a 9.......Can you believe those Boys?

Wish he'd a left me pot of gold ;-)

No Longer a Yankee :-(

This is how many people it takes to find second case anyone was wondering :-)
Schydi kept getting "caught" by a couple of boys from her grade

Taylor is no longer a Yankee, he has moved up and is now a Diamondback. He had a good time at the meet your coach practice last Saturday. He practiced hitting, fielding, pitching and catching and was one of the last ones left on the field.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Training

Last weekend we went to the park to do a little baseball spring training. Taylor practiced hitting, fielding and catching. Schydi and Leyton also tried batting they both did really well and didn't need my help to hit the ball. We had a lot of fun and before we knew it we had been there for 2 hours. He says that he is now ready for his Try-outs on the 14th. Hopefully I remember to take the camera so I can get some pics to share with everyone. And also some pics of all the kids playing on the playground. After baseball we came home and ended up grilling some burgers, we would grill everyday if we could get away with it. Then my dad, step-mom, brother, and his kids came over for a while, we had ice cream and cake and just visited for a while. It was the perfect ending to the week for us!

What's a Ranch....

Without a few baby chicks?
We are now the proud owners of 4 Easter Egger Chicks. They don't have names yet they kids are still deciding, but since we don't know if they are hens or roosters it may be a while before they are properly named. If they happen to be hens, they will lay eggs in shades of blue and green, that's why they are called Easter Eggers. One of them has been having a little trouble walking and keeps falling into the water dish and can't get back out, good thing we have nurse Schydi, she has been constantly nursing the little thing back to health. She dires it off when it's wet, and holds and cuddles it then places it every so lovingly under the light to keep it warm. :-) It is looking really good this morning, it is up walking a little shaky, but walking and eating, so there's good news. Never in a million years did I think I'd be a chicken farmer, but so far it's been fun to watch them and to watch the kids with them.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Yearbook Update

With the yearbook due date fast approaching, I now have 34 of the 40 pages started. For a while I didn't think I'd make the deadline, but I still have until the 16th to complete and submit everything. Wish me luck!

Baseball Sign Up's

Well it's official, Taylor has signed with the Major League! I don't know if I am ready for it so we'll see how it goes. We aren't sure which team yet, but we should know in the next couple of weeks, he has "try-outs" on the 14th of March ( which really amounts to going to the ball field and goofing around with his friends). His Coach from previous years is coaching again and I am hoping they keep him on the same team as his coach has been really good with the boys so far. This time of year really starts to get busy with all the kids' activities. Here's to another successful spring!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

At this rate

So far this year I have 38 posts in only 2 months! At this rate I will probably double my total for last year, who knew I would have so much to say?

Antenna TV

We have been patiently waiting for the switch from analog to digital service, when we heard the switch had been delayed, we were bummed. We wanted to at least try it and see how the picture was. On Friday we heard that some stations had switched, so we gave it a try. We hooked up the converter box and the antenna and waaa-laaa we had a great picture. I ran the channel scan and picked up 23 channels all for free! I couldn't believe the picture compared to what it used to be. So Saturday I picked up another box to hook up the tv in the living room and then I canceled my satellite service, I figured at least now if there's nothing to watch, I won't have to pay for nothing to watch :-) I have to say that I am a little surprised that the cable companies and satellite providers didn't fight the switch harder. I think with the economy it may hurt a lot of them with having access to free channels. I am happy the picture is so good now and also happy to get rid of a monthly bill.

I Think I've Got It......

Spring Fever, that is. Yesterday the weather was so nice, I am really hoping it stays for a while. I tried doing some cleaning inside the house, but that wasn't much fun. So I tried my luck outside, I walked around the yard, picking up some garbage from the long winter, even raked a little (it felt so good just to be outside without freezing), then we smoked a turkey outside in our grill, so yummy, and for the last part of the afternoon, I just sat and watched the kids play, they were enjoying the nice weather too. Here's to hoping Spring is officially on it's way!