Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday, February 12, 2016

2016.....So far

2016 has started off busy and hasn't slowed down yet. Here is a short update on everyone. DaNell is working on finishing her 2nd year of college courses and has decided to attend the University of Utah in the fall to complete her next 2 years to earn her Bachelor's Degree. Taylor is gearing up to graduate from high school and ready to take on the world by the horns. He has big dreams and I have no doubt he can achieve them. Schydi is finishing the 8th grade and gearing up to attend the high school next year, (not sure I am ready for that)she has enjoyed her time at the Middle School and has enjoyed being a cheerleader this year. Her cheer squad had the opportunity to compete this year taking 1st at region and 3rd at state, they were awesome. Leyton is finishing up his last year of elementary and gearing up to attend the middle school next year. He continues to work hard in school, enjoys playing video games and giving his siblings a hard time. Wyatt is a rambunctious almost 4 year old. He loves animals and learning about them. He is very social and enjoys talking to people everywhere we go. Little Miss Bryndie is almost 2 (don't know where the time goes?) she loves playing with her brothers and sisters and is talking up a storm. D.J. continues to be at home with the little's in the mornings and working in the afternoons. Lately there has been many late nights with the building always buzzing. And lastly, me. I am still working at the Middle school and finishing up classes to obtain my Master's Degree in Educational Leadership. I've got a couple more classes to go, then on to my capstone project which will be the final for my degree. I should have it completed by October 2016. I am really hoping that it will open up more opportunities for me to create a better life for my family. I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to be the mother of these awesome kids!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sunday, February 8, 2015

This Weekend's Progress

We have spent this weekend working on some things around the house. Working on putting up the back splash in the kitchen, it is looking very nice if I do say so myself. This has been a work in progress for about 2 years now but is coming together. I also began working on my portfolio in which I need in order to upgrade my teaching license to a Level 2, it consists of a lot of writing, but I am confident I will have it done by the April 1st deadline to have it checked off and ready to send in for my upgrade. I am looking forward to completing both of these projects and moving on to whatever comes next! Let's do this!

Welcome 2015

Well, already one month down in 2015, time is flying by! We are all doing well, and are planning some fun things this year. I am ready to travel, we'll start one short adventure next weekend as we embark on Arches, Canyonlands, and Dead Horse Point. I am looking forward to getting out of town for a day and enjoying some family time. Stay tuned for pics from our adventures :)

Sunday, November 9, 2014


The countdown is on and the first ad has leaked on-line! Only 18 days until Thanksgiving and Shopping season! I have went though the K-Mart ad that my sister was so kind as to inform me was out, I am sure I have only scoured though 2 of many, many time between now and then. You see this shopping in very important business, we need all the man power we can get to station people all throughout the different stores to get our hands on the best deals. We love shopping after Thanksgiving, we love the people watching, the chaos, and the tradition of it we have made in our family. On that note, GET YO' RUNNING SHOES WARMED UP!

Fall Update

Since it's been a while since I updated, here is what has been happening around here lately. DaNell is attending college here at USU Eastern, she is enjoying parts of it, but would secretly love to be back in High School. She still hasn't decided on a major, but it getting her Associates requirements met. Taylor is a Junior, he just finished his football season, it was a rough go for Carbon this year, but a lot better than last year. His passion is definitely football and he has already started working out for next year. If I could only get some of that passion to transfer over to his school work :/ Schydi is a big Middle School 7th grader this year, she is enjoying the transition and is doing well in all of her classes. She in also enjoying the expansion of friends. Leyton is my 4th grader this year, he is really excelling in his reading and has started reading one on the Diary of A Wimpy Kid books, which for him is so AwEsOmE! His math is coming a long too, and for the most part he is liking school this year which helps a lot. Wyatt is my little crazy man. He is 2 going on 13, he talks up a storm. He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Doc McStuffins, The Octonauts, Sophia the 1st, and his new love is Planes Fire Rescue, he watches it non-stop if we let him. Bryndie is a whole 8 months old, she is a mover and a shaker, she army crawls and can get to anywhere she want to go in the house. She is starting to pull herself up on furniture, it won't be long now until we are really in trouble. D.J. is still staying at home for the time being taking care of the littles, I am grateful he has been able to have this opportunity as I know it is quickly coming to an end. He is my go-to person and my rock when times get tough. As for me, this new position at work keeps me running, I have 2 classes in my room, the other class hours, I spend running and rotating through 6, 7, & 8th grade classroom assisting with Math concepts. In my spare time, I am scheduling, writing, or conducting I.E.P. meetings for my 35 students who have I.E.P.'s. Also any new students who have I.E.P.'s or new referrals are filtered though me. After a full day at work, I get to come home and be Mom, my favorite job of all.

Monday, September 1, 2014