Sunday, November 28, 2010

Deck The Halls

Our tree and house is ready for the Holidays. Today we trimmed the tree, finished the lights outside and cooked an awesome dinner of Chicken Noodle Soup and Hot Rolls. It was a productive day. This year we decided to go with a Theme of Red, White, and Blue. I am loving the way it turned out.

Leyton's Thanksgiving Program

Last Tuesday Leyton had a Thanksgiving Program at school, he sang all the songs and seemed to really enjoy himself. I was a little worried that he would be too nervous, but he was awesome! Good Job Leyton :-)

Wrestling Career.....Cut Short

Taylor decided to try wrestling this year, he liked practices and competing, but during his first and only match, he got taken down and ended up fracturing his wrist. I am not sure if he will try it again next year, time will tell. He will be sporting a sweet glow-in-the-dark cast for the next 4 weeks then he will be re-evaluated. I will let you know how it turns out.

Black Friday Success!

Well we did it, we braved the crowds for Black Friday. We began our adventure around 10:00 p.m. Thanksgiving night at Wal-Mart, we had Grandpa Kevin, Maygun, Taylor, Becca, Mike, and myself stationed throughout the store waiting for the 12:01 go time. It was a little boring waiting for those 2 hours, but we made some new friends along the way. Some people were newbee's and weren't exactly sure why there were even there, other people were just happy to be there. I am happy to report that when that go time arrived, we all managed to get the things we wanted, met up to exchange items, and headed to check out. We had a couple hours in between opening times so we opted to try and take a quick power nap. Next stop was JC Penny's at 4:00 a.m. there wasn't a lot we wanted, but we had fun there too. Next up was K-Mart with a starting time of 5:00 a.m., we got there a little before 5 and kinda drove around the parking lot until the doors opened, then we got out and headed in, Becca took off like her hair was on fire, and made it through the doors before just about anyone else, off the the electronics sections where she made an incredible score for me :-) A lady tried to take one of the items from her, but she wasn't havin it......So another successful shopping experience there too. After there we made yet another trip to Wal-Mart to check for left-overs, and to make sure we didn't miss anything. We always have so much fun dong the Black Friday thing, most people think we are crazy, but we Love It!

Schydi Thankful #2

Schydi wrote:

I'm thankful for my brothers because sometimes they come up with briliant plans. The first one my big brother said it was to move the tramp over to under the playhouse to jump off the play house roof onto the tramp it was a briliant idea. I liked because it was so fun and funny so ya it was so very much fun. The next one my little brother he just likes to play cops and robers. We play it for a hour. It was so fun.

She is just so darn cute :-)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


This is a paper Schydi wrote this morning. Typed exactly as she wrote it.

I am thankful for my sister

I'm thankful for my sister because she has alot of bookes because me and my sister love to read. Reading help's my lerning and my sister lern's too even thow my sister is in 9th grade it still help's her in her lerning. Me and my sister fight some-times. I Love my sister alot. She is my pal. I read with her in the morning's and nighttime. I Love her. She has Leven Thumps book's.

I thought is was just too cute not to share :-)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Quick Update

November is already flying by. DaNell celebrated her 15th brithday on the 1st. She is studying the Drivers Ed book hoping to get her learners permit soon. She brought home Straight A's on her report card for 1st quarter. She is preparing for a Ballet recital on Dec. 4th.
Taylor is doing well, he finished Football and tried out for the basketball team, he wasn't picked, but wasn't too disappointed. His PE teacher talked him into trying Wrestling, he will start that on Monday. He had a couple of his cousins come over and give him some pointers, I think he just might like it. His report card was good, he has a couple of areas to improve on, and so far is working hard. We will be attending his Football Banquet later today.
Schydi....well Schdyi is just a ball of energy. She has decided to try to play Jr. Jazz basketball this year, it starts in January. Her report card was good, and she has improved on not talking as much in class. She is learning her multiplication facts.
Leyton is doing pretty good in school too. He now walks in through the front doors by himself, doesn't cry, and follows his morning procedures well. His report card was good, we have a couple of areas to focus on, but are working on them daily. He likes his teacher and is going to be the Star Student in his class next week. He is quickly picking up on the letter names and sounds they make.
Good Job Kids, I am proud of you all.
I usually don't write much about me, but I think I will today. I am still working on my college classes with one more year to go! In the last week I have learned how to install a ceiling fan/light and it even works, I have learned a little about leaky faucets, 1. how to turn the water off 2. How to take apart the handle, and 3 how to ask for help. I have also finished some painting/drywall work in one of the bedrooms, and learned that my poor old fridge is on it's last leg, I guess 15 years is all it can take :-(
It seems I run constantly, but it's all worth it. The kids and I are making it, some days are better than others, as long as the good ones outnumber the bad, we will be o.k. Thanks to all our friends and family for helping us through everything. We really do appreciate you :-)

Friday, November 5, 2010

It's Coming.......

Yep, that's right.....only 20 days until Black Friday :] Time to warm up the running shoes, break out the thermals, practice line etiquette, and have a blast fighting the crowds. Look out 2010 Holiday Shoppers.....Here we come!

DaNell's Pumpkin

DaNell finally got around to carving her pumpkin and chose to do a New England Patriots logo. Of course she voted hers the " Most Amazing Pumpkin Ever!"