Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It Has Arrived.....

Football season has already arrived, Taylor is again a member of the Dolphins so far he has been practicing in the QB slot, he is very excited to play again and get the chance to be the QB, last year he took a few snaps and made a few plays, this year he should get a better opportunity to show what he can do. Good Luck Dolphins, their first game is on the 21st of August.

Diamond Fork

Last weekend we went on a camping trip to Diamond Fork Campground. We had a few down falls on our trip starting with the fridge on our trailer catching fire, next up was the water heater in one grandparents trailer which popped its relief valve and leaked all over, my sisters trailer didn't have any power, and the other grandpa forgot to put water in his trailer. This was all on Friday afternoon, not a great start to the weekend. We had a great dinner that night, played some games, had a lot of laughs, and roasted marshmallows. Saturday morning seemed to be going quite well, a big breakfast, a little hiking, a little crafting, and relaxation. The kids had plenty of room to run wild and took full advantage of it, we did have one big crash, my nephew ended up in Payson at the ER where he received 3 stitches in his chin from his crash. He was a trooper, when he returned he was back on his scooter immediately. We then had another awesome dinner, Cornish game hens and potatoes in the dutch ovens, followed by Dutch Oven Pineapple Upside Down Cake....it can't get much better than that. Sunday morning we ended up with some unexpected visitors being herded through camp, the kids thought that was the best thing ever. (Shows you how much kids these days don't get to see thing like that). Even with the mishaps, we had a lot of fun and are looking forward to another trip in a couple weeks.

Mammoth Fishing Trip

We ventured out to Mammoth Reservoir to do a little fishing, we didn't even get a bite, but the scenery was just beautiful. After Mammoth we drove over to Boulger where we finally started catching some small fish, Schydi was the most excited, she is definitely a little fisher woman.;-)

Bridal Veil Falls

A couple weeks ago we went to Provo Canyon and had a picnic at Bridal Veil Falls with Becca and the boys. Right after we got there it started to sprinkle on us, but we didn't let it stop our fun, we bar-b-qued hamburgers and hot dogs, had chips, and enjoyed the rain. After lunch we walked up to the falls where the kids plated in the water and we took some pics. We had a great time. After the falls we watched Becca's boys for a little bit while she went to an appointment, we ventured to Old Navy then on to University Mall to go to Game Stop, Taylor picked out a few games, then it was on to home. It was a fun little outing. I hope you enjoy the pics.

Baseball Pics

One of our coaches for the Diamondbacks made us a DVD of Taylor playing baseball and copied us some great shots of him enjoying the game. He had a ton of fun this year, he played mostly catcher, but also a little pitching when called on. He's already nervous to move on to Babe Ruth next year....I am sure he will do just fine :-)