Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fall Is In The Air.

Well it seems just like yesterday, the kids were just getting out of school, now they are all back in, so far so good no real complaints. I was thinking last night it's time to start Halloween costumes, especially if I have to make them. Trying to figure out costumes for 4 kids is crazy, the older ones don't want to get made fun of, they want something more grown-up, not the traditional "baby" stuff and the younger ones change their minds every other minute. I think I may have convinced the younger ones of what I think they should be, but the older ones are proving to be a challenge. I'm not so sure this getting older stuff is worth it. Some days I want to go back to when I could convince them of almost anything. I'll let you know what they decide as it gets closer. I know it seems like a long time, but it will be here before we know it. The it's all downhill until after Christmas (Only 17 weeks to go :) ).

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Weekend Project

We decided to build a playhouse for the kids last Sunday, here is the start of it, we will probably have it done in the next few weeks. All the kids are helping, Taylor is measuring boards and helping to cut them, Schydi and Leyton help with handing us the screws and nails, and DaNell is making plans for the paint, doing odd jobs so that she can decide what color to paint it. Anyone have any ideas to make it the greatest playhouse ever?

We drove to the top of Huntington Canyon last weekend (don't mind the date on the photo, forgot to change date with new batteries :o ) to cut some firewood, I couldn't resist snapping this pic at Cleveland Reservoir. What a perfect photo op!

Cake Anyone?

Here's Schydi doing what she loves best, COOKING! Anyone up for a piece of SandCake?

From my Back Porch

These are just a couple of pictures I took of the sunset last weekend. I admit I am a sucker for scenery. It just amazes me to think about how many of these we miss by being so busy. It's a little reminder to slow down and enjoy our view.

Leyton at Preschool

Here's Leyton and his cousin Jax on their 2nd day of Preschool. He's still not so sure of this whole school thing.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Here's one of Schydi riding her bike while we were camping. Seems as if she is deep in thought over something.

Leyton slept through the 1st day of school. He came down with a fever the night before school started and slept most of the day. Hope he feels better soon!

Taylor gettin' wet!

These are of Taylor riding his 4-Wheeler. After a little dare from papa, he just had to take the machine into the creek for some wet fun. A few minuted later, he let papa ride which didn't turn out so well. Papa decided to not only go in the water but to turn around, climb a little hill, cross the road, then attempt to climb an even steeper hill. Here is where he popped a wheelie, and rolled the bike sideways down the mountain. Thank heaven no one was hurt. Taylor went running full speed to check grandpa. Papa says he was just "showing Taylor what NOT to do while riding........Right.

This is Leyton standing by grandpa's Geo Tracker singin' She Thinks My Tracker's Sexy.

This is a pic of DaNell at our family reunion. I can't believe she is ready for Jr. High. She loves to help set up and run the annual Talent show. That's her "office" in the background!
I plan on posting more reunion pics, so stay tuned.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

First Day of school Jitters

Well it looks as if our summer vacation is over.(Yuck) Monday Aug. 18, 2008 begins another year of school. DaNell is about to embark on her journey to Jr. High, she says she is ready, let's just hope I am. Taylor is now entering 5th grade, this year without his best friends as somehow they got separated this year. He thinks that maybe he won't get into trouble by talking to much this year, since he won't have anyone to talk to.(HaHa he's Mr. Social :) ) Schydi is on her way to 1st grade and very excited. She didn't get the teacher she wanted, but is excited anyway. Leyton is the baby, I can't believe he is on his way to school this year. He will start Pre-School on Monday, he seems excited we'll see how it goes. For the first time in 12 years, I will have 2 hours to spend how I want. Looking forward to that!
I plan on posting pics of their first days of school so look for them.