Sunday, February 23, 2014

Valentines Day Weekend

For Valentines Day this year, D.J. had a few of my favorite things delivered to me. I received some beautiful flowers, a cheesecake sampler, and a 1/2 dozen chocolate covered strawberries. It was awesome! With Parent Teacher Conferences falling the week of Valentines Day, it worked into a 4 day weekend for us. We spent some time relaxing and some time working on some small projects around the house. We were able to watch Last Vegas together, I enjoyed the movie and even stayed awake for the entire movie :) We were also able to get Taylor a new bed for his room and put his old bed back downstairs in Schydi and Leyton's room so they could now have the bunk beds which means a lot more room in there. We also put together another twin sized bed for Wyatt, now we just gotta get him to sleep in it. He has napped in there a couple of times, it's a start! On Sunday of the weekend, my sister and family threw me a small baby shower for the sweet little girl who is on her way. We met at the Cowboy Club for lunch, we had a lot of laughs, and got some cute, and much needed baby girl things. I am soooo ready for this baby, just gotta convince her it's time to meet the world!