Sunday, January 24, 2010

This Weeks Picks

This week I am going with the Minnesota Vikings and NY Jets to go to the Superbowl. I know everyone says that the Jets are a long-shot, but I love rooting for the uderdog team, I just don't have it in me to cheer for the Colts. I am going with the Vikings only because they beat the Clown-Boys last week, and I have to stick with the team that brought me a crisp-cold 12 pack of Pepsi :-) Really I just hope that both games are good games and may the best teams win for a change! ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?

Schydi's Injured

Last weekend Schydi was playing Football with Taylor when he fell on top of her foot, she said it rolled and popped really loud. By Tuesday it was pretty swollen, so I decided to take her in to have it checked. The Dr. said that the X-ray looked o.k., he said sometimes breaks don't show up right off the bat and if the pain persists for 7-10 days to bring her back for a new x-ray. He wanted to put a walking boot on it, so back to the Dr. we went. They put one on and it was huge, there was no way she could walk with that, so they called all over town and no-one had one small enough for her little foot. They ended up ordering one, it came and looked just like the other one they tried on :-( I remembered that Taylor once hurt his ankle and wore one of those boots and dug through the closet and found it (I was suprised that I still had it lying around)with a few minor adjustments, we were able to make it work. It is still a little big, but a lot smaller than the ones at the Dr.'s office. So after 3 trips to the Dr.'s office, 1 trip to the Hospital, and 3 missed days of school, she was able to go all day on Friday wearing the boot. I hope it starts feeling better soon!


Taylor is missing sports something awful these days, the snow has put a real damper in his spirits. So this week everytime it has snowed, he goes out and shovels a path on each end of the lawn where they can go out and atleast play catch. It usually lasts until he has taken so many headers into the snow, that he is freezing cold :-(
Next up will be Baseball sign-ups in Feb. He got a new bat for Christmas and can't wait to go try it out!(He's sure it will be a Home-Run Bat)This will be his last year in Little League, then it's off to Babe Ruth, not sure I am ready for that. I know we need the snow, but enough is enough it's gonna take a while for what we already have to melt.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Football Playoffs

This week turned out to be a rather disappointing round of NFL at the Rasmussen Ranch. Tay's beloved Chargers are out-he's heartbroken of course- and the only team that won that I picked was the Vikings, although the 12-pack of Pepsi I won will be most refreshing, now I am faced with picking teams that I never would have picked in a million years, it almost takes all the fun out of it, having to pick different teams each week. I would rather pick one and follow them all the way to the Super Bowl, but oh well such is life. I will let you know my picks later in the week after I've had time to do a little research :-)Let me know your picks maybe it will help me with mine.

Science Fair Results

DaNell walked away from the Science disappointed, all she received was an award for participation. It was very discouraging to hear the same kids' names over and over winning everything. Mostly it was kids of doctors, teachers, and businessmen from the community that received awards. I'm not complaining just because my kid didn't win, but because there were a lot of great projects that didn't win-the least they could do is spread the wealth, if one kid is already winning an award, then someone else should win the most creative, or most unique ect. awards. I won't be suprised if next year, DaNell wants nothing to do with the Science Fair-she was pretty upset after receiving all the great feedback from the judges and then to not get anything out of it. I shouldn't say not get anything, because she had a blast making her project and really enjoyed being able to go to SLC to work with Uncle Dane that was definately worth it, she will remember it always. On a happier note, when it was time to get her award, they had given her certificate to someone else, they had to have eveyrone check their certificates and bring her's back down to the stage, so her time on the stage lasted a little longer than she had hoped- but made for a few laughs-Here's a few pics from the fair-Enjoy! Next up is the History Fair in March!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Second Quarter

Well the results of the Second Quarter report cards are in, all the kids are doing well, DaNell had mostly A's and one B+, Taylor ended with an A in homeroom and a B in Language Arts, Schydi had 3's and 3+'s in almost everything and she is in the highest reading group she can go into in second grade and Leyton is also doing well, he has passed off all of his numbers and is now working on recognizing letters and the sounds they make. Here's to a great 3rd quarter! Great Job Kids!! Keep up the good work :-)

Sneak Peak

Here is DaNell working on her Science Fair Backboard. The judging took place last night, tonight is open to the public, with the awards to follow. She seemed to have a good time last night and said a lot of people kept commenting on how cool her pics are. Good Luck DaNell! Watch for more posts-and more pics :-)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year!

Over the holiday weekend we took a family trip to the lake to go ice fishing. It was a little cramped in the tent which was made for 2 since there was 6 of us in it. The weather was pretty chilly but we managed to have a lot of fun. Taylor spent a a lot of time taking the sled down the hills with Schydi and Leyton. Schydi was the only successful fisherman that day. Here is a pic of her catch. I had a lot of other pics to show, but for some reason my camera deleted all of them :-( Oh Well, I'll have to get back in the swing of things and take some more to share.