Sunday, October 26, 2008

When We Were Young

I wrote on an earlier post about my Halloween B-day parties, here's one of the pics. I hope it brings back some good memories.


This is another idea we had, while hunting we picked some leaves and later framed them, Schydi had a lot of fun deciding where to place each leave. I think it may become a yearly tradition, it would be fun to look back and see how the colors change from year to year.

For Our Next Project

Every year the elementary school participates in the Reflections program which the kids can enter some sort of art work, drawing, photography, dance, literature, etc. These are some of the pictures my kids took while we were deer hunting in September, now our problem seems to be picking which ones to use, the theme this year is "WOW" so really it's wide open to interpretation. They can enter more than one so who knows, maybe they will use them in a collage or something. If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to post. Thanks.

Final Result

After weeks of searching for the perfect costume Taylor finally decided on this Werewolf. Taylor and DaNell were invited to a Halloween party last night at Stop-N-Eat (AKA Pugs). They had a great time, the party started at 7:00 with games, food, fun, friends, a costume contest, which they didn't win but weren't disappointed, and to top it off they got their annual scare as the hosts had positioned ghouls and monsters outside the windows to peek in and see who would scream the loudest, which from what I hear was one of their friends Maegen. If there had been a prize for that the kids said she would have won hands down. I was so glad they had fun and it reminded me of when I was growing up and had many Halloween parties for my birthday. They were always fun. It also reminded me of what the holidays are about, forget the hype and just have fun! I.m sending the hosts a Thank You card, I know they will remember this party for years to come. (It was also the first party where I didn't stay, so they really thought they were big shots!) :D

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Red Ribbon Week

Each year for Red Ribbon Week, the PTA has volunteers make door covers to put up on the teachers doors, here is a pic of mine. This is kind of the kick off of events. This year I think will be fun, as we have planned some different activities. I am going to try and take lots of pics to post.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Here's a quick pic of Tay this morning before school with his new glasses on. So far he likes them.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Clownin' Around

This is a couple of pics of Schydi in her Halloween Costume. We finally finished it so we can move on to another project :)

Excuse me Maam....Do you know why I pulled you over?

Here's some pics of Leyton in his Halloween Costume, He thinks it is the best thing since sliced bread.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Taylor's getting glasses

Taylor came home telling me that he was having a hard time seeing the board in his class room , we made him an appointment and it turns out he does need glasses. He wanted contacts, but they say he needs to try glasses for a while, then look into them next June. He's a little excited and worried I think, about what other kids might say. The ones he picked out look very cute on him. I just hope they help. I will post pics when he gets them, they are on order :) !