Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dolphins Game 5

Game 5 resulted in a 30-0 win for the Dolphins against the Cowboys. Taylor threw the ball for 200+ yards, completed some hand-offs, pitches, and qb sneaks. He is really progressing this year and loving every minute of it. Game 6 will be Tuesday night under the lights against the Raiders.........Go Dolphins!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dolphins Game 4

Game 4 resulted in a blow-out in favor of the Dolphins. Taylor threw 3 Touchdown passes, ran one in for a TD, and handed it off many times. Final score was 59-0 Dolphins! It didn't matter what we tried, it seemed like we scored even when we weren't trying. I guess that's how it goes some days. Game 5 is Saturday Good Luck Dolphins!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dolphins Game 3

Today was Game 3 for the Dolphins, they played at the Spring Glen Park against the
49ers. It was an action, penalty, and excitement filled game. The first quarter was filled with false starts on the Dolphins, I think they got called 4 or 5 times in a row, in between we should have scored at least 3 touchdowns. After getting rid of the initial case of nerves, our Defense crushed them, the entire game the 49ers got 2 first downs. Once our offense settled down, they kicked it into high gear, Taylor threw a couple beautiful passes, but they were missed my the receivers(better luck next time), He also completed many pitches, handoffs and even a quarterback sneak into the end zone for a TD. Final score was 27-0 in favor of the Dolphins- Game 4 is next Saturday...Go Dolphins! With it being September 11th and also Frontier Days in Spring Glen we watched the Boy Scouts display the colors, say the Pledge of Allegiance, and the National Anthem. I hope you enjoy the pics.

2 Days Down

Well I survived my first 2 days at work. So far I like it at the Jr. High, the kids I work with are pretty nice. I work for 4.5 hours a day, visit 3 different classrooms, and work with around 18 different kids. Here's to a new week :-)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Joining the Work Force

I have been contemplating going back to work for a while now, a job came available at the Elementary that I thought would be just perfect for me, so I applied, got an interview, and then was denied the job. I took it very hard, their reasoning was that I did not have enough could I not have enough experience, I have been a volunteer at that school for over 9 years....anyway I waited and another position became available at the jr. high, again I applied on Tuesday, got a call on Wed. for an interview on Thurs., went to the interview and was offered the job on Thurs. 2 hours after the interview. It is only part time, but it is my motivation to gain experience...I haven't started yet, but should in the next couple weeks. I am both excited and nervous, I have been out of the workforce for 8 years now...I am hoping all goes well. It will be a new learning experience for me :-)

First Week of School

Week 1 of school year 2010-2011 has came and gone, and I am happy to report we all survived. DaNell is now in the 9th grade and loving being an official "Freshman", Taylor is in 7th grade and so far so go, he says he really doesn't dislike any of his teachers, Schydi is up to the 3rd grade and is loving it so far, she is feeling like queen of the school since she is now the oldest one of her siblings at the elementary, and Leyton has yet to really start. His first official day of Kindergarten in on Tuesday, he seems excited, we will see how it goes. I hope he has a good day! Good Luck kids, I hope your school year is great!

Dolphins Game 1 & 2

Well the season is finally underway, Game one was filled with nervous players, fumbles, missed passes, dropped handoffs, a couple QB hits, arguing coaches, and a 14-0 loss for the Dolphins. They regrouped at practices and hit the field runnin' for game 2. Game 2 was filled with handoffs, incredible defense, the QB only got hit once (and he says it was a late hit ;-) ), completed passes, coaches working together, and a 18-0 win for the Dolphins. Taylor has really been working hard to keep his QB position, and is doing really well, he has all the plays memorized, and is able to execute. Next up Game 3 on Sept. 11--Go Dolphins!