Sunday, January 22, 2012

Schydi's New Do!

Schydi's been just dying to try something different with her hair, so I decided to let her try some temporary dye that washes out after a few washes. She picked the color and it turned out even better than she expected. She loves it.


After a couple bad bouts of strep throat, I made the decision, along with Taylor and the Dr.'s to go see a ENT Dr. After discussing his past history and severity of Strep Throats that he gets, we decided to have his tonsils removed. He was a little nervous, but not so nervous that he couldn't joke around with the nurses and make a bet with the anesthesiologist. He bet a candy bar that he could count past 10 before falling asleep, Taylor didn't remember how high he got to, but thanks to an awesome nurse we had, she made sure to tell him that he won, he counted all the way to 11 before crashing. We never did see the anesthesiologist again that day for him to collect his winnings. The surgery went well, he has been home recovering since Wednesday, had a good first day, and a couple rocky days since, he is able to get liquids down and a little food, hopefully he is over the roughest days, and only good days to come.

New Year......

Happy New Year.....a little late.
Things here are going well, here's a little update on all the kids. DaNell is doing well, enjoying her first year of high school, excelling in Debate, she has 4-5 more tournaments between now and March before the debate season is over, she is also working on her driving skills as she inches closer to getting her actual license. Taylor is also doing well in school, hates keyboarding, but is finally finished with that class. He played football in the fall and is looking forward to the beginning of the baseball season. Schydi is liking 4th grade, she is Little Miss Social and thinks she needs to visit a different friend every night of the week. She joined the school choir this year and was able to participate in Christmas caroling at various nursing homes throughout the community. She has another music program in Feb. she loves to sing and has memorized all the words to 50 Nifty, United States. Leyton is also doing well, enjoying 1st grade, learning how to play X-Box, and working on his math and reading. They are all growing up so fast....Good Job Kids, I am very proud of all of you! Love Ya!