Saturday, October 30, 2010

End of Football

I know I missed a lot of time lately with the blog and hope to remedy that in the future. The last few football games were good, the Dolphins suffered one loss to Emery, but won the remaining games and finished the season the #1 team in the league. Taylor received the honor of #1 Quarterback in the league and received the game ball complete with his team mates and coaches signatures. All that is left is the Banquet on Nov. 13. He had such a great season, he learned a lot, and had a blast, we were a little sad to see it end.
The week after football, open gym started for Jr. High Basketball, so here we go again. Try-outs are in the next week or so, Good Luck Taylor!

Halloween 2010

This year for Halloween I had Batman, A Nerd, A Kitty, and a Bloody Masked Man, and an M&M. Leyton wanted his pumpkin to be the Cowboys, so we carved out a star amd Schdyi picked out a ghost that said Boo, DaNell and Taylor didn't get theirs carved, maybe they will tomorrow? DaNell and Taylor spent time with their friends for Halloween and Schydi and Leyton went Trick-Or-Treating with some friends only to get rained out :( They all had a blast and were beyond ready for bed. Happy Halloween! Enjoy the pics.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dolphins Game 6

The Dolphins are really rolling along this year. Game 6 resulted in another 42-6 win for the team. Everywhere I go, I am hearing about their awesome quarterback, of course I would have to agree. Game 7 is today at 9:00 at Emery High, we are matched up with Emery's #1 team since we are in the #1 spot in Carbon County. Good Luck Dolphins!