Monday, July 27, 2009

Fort Elmo

Here's the 4 corner posts
Look at the cement mixers

Here's Jax standing in one of the holes we dug

Here's Leyton sitting in the hole, they all seem excited to get building :-D

We went to Elmo over the weekend and started the construction on the kids' new fort. We got the holes dug and the corner posts cemented in the ground. The kids will have fun building it in a couple of weeks

Pioneer Day Parade

Taylor's All-Star team got to be in the parade for Pioneer Day, he had fun throwing candy at (or I mean to ) people along the parade route. After the parade, we walked through the park and checked things out, then we had lunch with Papa Ringo and Grandma Judi (Thanks again for lunch) Then we headed to off to Elmo, made for another busy weekend.

Pioneer Day Fun

On Pioneer Day, we had a bar-b-que with Grandma Nette and Papa Kevin, then we played a couple card games and lit off fireworks. The kids really enjoyed the festivities, but were ready for bed by 10:30 p.m. :-D

Our Deer Friend

This little 2 point has been hanging out across the street from our house, Leyton gets a huge kick out of seeing it almost daily. He runs in to get his gun to shoot it :-) He can't wait for hunting season, he's definitely Pa's hunting buddy!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Schydi's Missing Tooth

Schydi has been so worried about not losing any teeth that when this one finally came out, she was very excited. She wrote a nice note to the tooth fairy thanking her for coming to get her tooth and she really enjoyed the $1 she got for her tooth :-)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Busy Summer

The last 2 weeks have been a whirlwind of activities for the Rasmussen family, it all started with a weekend trip to Stansbury park. After returning from there, we had 4 days to clean and pack again for a baseball tournament over in Nephi, where we played 3 games and happened to win Emery. Seems a little crazy to go that far to play a team we could have played here, but they boys had a ton of fun and even got to dump the cold water coolers on their coaches after their victory :-) (I don't think they minded much since it was pushing 100 degrees that day) After we were done with the tournament, we decided to come back home through Fountain Green, Moroni, Spring City, Fairview, the over the canyon to Huntington, it was a nice drive all the kids slept most of the way home. Then on Friday afternoon we decided to go fishing, this time we went through Scofield then over the top again and fished at Mammoth and Cleveland Reservoirs, we got skunked in the fish department, but we did have a lot of fun and took some pics of the wild flowers blooming. Saturday and Sunday we took a break and just hung out around the house so very little. Here is some of the pics we took on our adventures: Stayed tuned, the next few weeks look to be just as busy :-D

Monday, July 13, 2009

Pillow Case Dress

My sister found these cute dresses one day while surfing the net and showed them to me, I was able to find the instructions online and decided today to try and make one, here's how it turned out.

Stansbury Park Trip

Last weekend we took a trip out to Stansbury Park to visit some family, we had a great time. Here is a pic of the fish that were biting, they were small, but a ton of fun to catch.
Here's one of the frogs that live in the lake by their house, isn't he just the cutest?
Taylor holding the frog.
Leyton was a fishing fool, he caught 4 fish in about 20 minutes, he loved catching them, but didn't want them to touch him :-)
Another one of his fishes.
In addition to all this fun, we also went to the jerky store, had a bar-b-que, went for a short canoe ride, the kids got to go swimming in Tooele and play games with Uncle Dane, and this was only on Friday. Saturday we visited then decided to go to the IMAX to watch Transformer's 2, we had never seen such a huge screen, it was incredible to watch. I think everyone enjoyed it. We also went to the South Towne Mall to kill some time before the movie started. We then went back to Stansbury and loaded up to go home, on our way out we stopped at Game Stop, the kids all had money and made sure they spent it on games and stuff for their DS's and the Wii, Taylor also bought an X-Box since his crashed a while ago. Thanks Dane, Yvette, and family for opening your home to us we really enjoyed the trip and all the fun we had! We look forward to coming up again!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th Of July Capming Trip

For the 4th of July we went camping at Horse Canyon up Huntington Canyon. We had a lot of fun, we watched the kids ride bikes, play catch, played cards, we made some boats out of tin foil or whatever we could find and had a boat race down a little creek into the river, and just visited with Grandpa Ringo, Grandma Judi, Uncle Jerald and Aunt Leenie. We also drove down a little ways to where Grandma Sharon and Travis and Lynnae were camped and visited them, we played a couple rounds of Red-Neck Golf in which Lynnae and I won Dave and Travis. I'll take that Victory :-)
We also hiked quite a ways into Horse Canyon, let me tell ya my bones and mucles were not ready for that, I am still feeling it. We took a trip into Huntington to get some ice and Papa showed us a little park they have now which has fountains, the kids had a ball running through the water, but it made for a soggy ride back to camp. I think everyone had fun camping. Here's a few pics of out festivities.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Just When...

I thought baseball season was over, we get to play some more. Our All-Star team gets to take a trip to Nephi to play in a B-Tournament the 16-18 of July. For most of these kids it will be their first sports road trip ever. Taylor is very excited to get to play some more. I hope they do well and can chalk up some wins. Go Wellington!