Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pioneer Day

For Pioneer Day, we went to the Wellington Parade to watch Taylor with the All-Star team, he saved a bunch of candy to throw to Schydi and Leyton which made their day. After the parade we walked around the park and let the kids play on the slide, ride the swings, and train. Next up was lunch at the Cowboy Club, it was delicious. We waited patiently for darkness to fall upon us so we could light our fireworks! The kids had a blast watching and lighting them, Grandpa Ringo, Grandma Judi, Grandpa Kevin, and Uncle Ryan joined us along with our new neighbors (who also shared their fireworks with us)Schydi was the only kid who made it through all of them awake. Here are a few pics I hope you enjoy them :-)

Monday, July 19, 2010

All-Star Trip

Last week we ventured on down to Panguitch, UT for the All-Star Tournament. The ride was a little long, but no problems along the way. Our first game was at 9:00 Thursday morning, we lost to Panguitch 12-2. This freed up the rest of the day since we didn't have another game until Friday morning at 9:00. We decided to check out Panguitch Lake we caught a couple real nice fish and enjoyed the scenery. After this we continued our trip around to Parowan where we were staying, we passed by Cedar Breaks National Monument, and through Brian Head Ski Resort it was a nice drive. Once we got to Parowan to the hotel, the kids went straight for the pool where they swam for hours, after that we walked across the street to the Pizza Barn for dinner, it was excellent...Taylor asked for some sauce to take with him for the left overs. After dinner the kids hit the pool again, couldn't keep em out :-) The next morning we went back to Panguitch for the next game, we started out really well, but ended up losing and being out of the tournament. Again we went back to the Lake to try our luck, we didn't even get a bite. We ended up having lunch by the lake at the Burger Barn, again good food. After this we stopped at several places along the road to take pics of the scenery, went back to the hotel where the kids swam some more, had dinner at the Dairy Freeze, and went to bed. Taylor got to play pool with his baseball buddies well after 11:00 until the desk clerk kicked them out. His best friend wants to know how he learned to be so good? Kolton swears Taylor must be a natural :-) Saturday Morning we decided to go back to Brian Head and take the lift to the top of Brian Head Peak which is over 11,000 feet up. Schydi was a little scared every time the lift would go through the "bumpy parts" the view was awesome from the top, my camera battery had died so most of the pics are from my cell phone, we will see how good they turn out. After we made a bee-line for home. We had a lot of fun, but were glad to be back home. Hope you enjoy the pics!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another Change

Last night we received another new schedule for our Panguitch Tournament, instead of our first game being at 11:30 it is now at 9:00 against Panguitch. It looks like we will be hitting the road even earlier that day, one advantage is that is won't be as hot. If we win then we play again that night at 7....Good Luck Wellington!
It looks like half of our team will also be staying in Parowan....Look Out Parowan here we come :-)


In order to finish my teaching degree, I have to take a series of tests called the Praxis Series. Back in March I registered to take the Reading, Math, and Writing tests, the closest place to here to take the tests is in Orem, and the next available testing date was April 24, 2010. Anyway I did everything I was supposed to do to pre-register, but when I arrived there I was told they did not have enough testing materials for me to take the math portion of the test.....so that means I get to go back and do it all over again. I have called them 4 times now to get this re-scheduled, each time I get a new answer, I am supposed to be registered for the July 31st test but have yet to recieve any testing materials or my admission tickets....I am so frustrated, with as big of a name as Praxis is in the education world, I would think they would resolve problems in a more orderly fashion. I called again today and conveniently the person I need to get in contact with is not in. I have already paid for this test...I think it's totally unfair that people can come in on the same day for an emergency registration and receive the testing materials before those who have registered early. I am supposed to get a call back today and hopefully resolve this once and for all. I hate to be a complainer.....but this is crazy. On a happier note, I did pass the other 2 tests on my first try :-)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Panguitch Experience

I have been trying for 2 days now to find lodging in Panguitch for next week.....ton's of places had rooms for one night and not the other. I finally found a place, booked it, only to find out the next morning that I had been cancelled. So back to square 1, I began calling all over again, calling as far as Cedar City and ran into the same problem. We finally found one in Parowan, UT which is another 45 miles from Panguitch. I can't believe it was so hard to find rooms, come to find out, Panguitch is also hosting a Fiddler's Festival at that time too. Oh boy! Looks like the Tournament is going to be more fun than I thought!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Change of Plans

It looks like we will not be going to Nephi next week, instead we will be headed to Panguitch, UT. I have never been to Panguitch, we have looked it up and it looks like it's way out in the middle of nowhere and that there really isn't a lot there. However, they do have a couple Hotels, now comes the hard part...picking the best one to stay at. Last year our Nephi lodging experience wasn't all that great. Here's to picking a better place to stay :-)GO WELLINGTON!

Friday, July 2, 2010

All-Star Pics

Here is a couple pics of Taylor batting during his games in Ferron. He chalked up a couple hits and 3 RBI's. Next Stop, Nephi!

Work in Progress

Here's a few pics of Taylor's room, he has decided to paint decorate it with his 3 favorite obsessions....1. Chargers 2. Nike and 3. Yankees. I'll post more pics when he completes it.